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Longan Hong Kong is a partnership law firm approved by The Law Society of Hong Kong according to the Regulations of the SAR.  Its affiliates can provide litigation and non-litigation legal services involved in the jurisdictions of Hong Kong, the United States, Europe, etc. Longan Hong Kong provides the following services:

(I) Business services: including but not limited to assisting in company listings,  overseas company mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, setting up offshore companies, tax services, offshore finance, cross-border investment and financing, and non-performing assets disposal;

(II) Wealth management: including overseas migration, cross-border real estate sales and purchases, asset management and family trusts;

(III) Litigation services, including but not limited to: handling overseas litigation according to domestic clients and handling domestic litigation according to the foreign clients.

(IV) Special legal services: including special services of legal advisory, legal opinion, debt analysis, debt financing, internal security and other external loans.

There are over 30 professional and senior lawyers including Hong Kong lawyers, UK lawyers and US lawyers. They are dedicated to providing total solutions on comprehensive business, finance, litigation and other legal services, which are diversified, personalized and comprehensive.


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