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Hangzhou city combines humanities and economic, legal systems. Longan Hangzhou is located on the beautiful West Lake by the side of Qiantang River.

Longan Hangzhou firmly grasps the advantages of rapid economic development in the region of Zhejiang and the Yangtze River Delta and notes the fast development of new industries such as e-commerce business and information networks, and we also take advantage of the developed private economy in Zhejiang and the developing marine economy. With all these above, Longan Hangzhou continually deepens and expands and provides comprehensive legal services for the regional economic development and social rule of law in the following respects, including corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, corporation restructuring, labor law, information network, e-commerce, intellectual property, infrastructure, port and shipping logistics, international trade and investment and financing, etc.

Many licensed lawyers at Longan Hangzhou graduated from national famous universities, gained bachelor’s and master’s degrees in law and have a solid theoretical foundation of law. At the same time, these highly educated and highly qualified lawyers also have a wealth of practical experience in law as well as good social relations.

Longan Hagnzhou always upholds the spirit of "Thriving together, safeness together" and always upholds a strict and pragmatic work style, and is always dedicated to providing quality and efficient legal services to fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of our clients. 

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