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Longan Jinan was founded in July of 2012 after being authorized by the Guangzhou Justice Department.

Longan Jinan is located at the business core center in eastern Jinan. The location, transportation and communication networks are well-developed. Longan Jinan always upholds the development philosophy of Longan, namely "thriving together, safeness together" and has gradually established a learning, academic, scholarly lawyer team.  Longan Jinan is based in Jinan and radiates throughout the Shandong province, and we always keeps our feet on the ground to make ourselves larger and stronger.

Longan Jinan has dedicated itself to the construction of building a service-style and democratic-style law firm, abandoning the paternalistic law firm.  We always handle concrete affairs for our lawyers, abandoning the autocratic way and proceeding with democratic management.

Longan Jinan emphasizes teamwork to all of our members and requires them to establish a good image for Longan Jinan, picking up the brand banner of Longan and providing our clients convenient, safe and efficient legal services with professional skills and comprehensive services. 

Long An Law Firm 

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