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Longan Nanjing was founded at the end of 2009. The establishment of Longan Nanjing has had a positive meaning in respect to enhancing the overall strength of Longan, reinforcing the platform of legal services in the Yangtze River Delta area and achieving leapfrog development for Longan. The partners of Longan Nanjing all graduated from the first-class law schools in China; some lawyers have worked in the high court and the provincial news media, and they have rich experiences in the field of law and have good social relationships. In addition, Longan Nanjing has also hired a number of senior members from the judicial front as business consultants.


Longan Nanjing provides legal services with the entrepreneurial concept of professionalism and specialization. We always try our best to provide highly efficient and high-quality legal services in respect to foreign trade affairs, intellectual property, real estate, corporation law, labor law, etc.


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