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Beijing has one of the best law firms, namely Longan Law Firm.

In the Chinese territory, there is a city named Nantong located at the intersection of the Yangtze River and the Yellow Sea. The provincial government in Jiangsu is making every effort to support the city of Nantong in constructing the economic center of Shanghai and Beijing.

Longan Nantong consists of senior lawyers from the headquarters as well as core lawyers from three local law firms. To date, there are over 30 members in Longan Nantong; some have master’s degrees, and some are postgraduates. Many lawyers have long-term practical experience in respect to police, procurator, and court, and many lawyers have long-term practical experience in respect to foreign business, foreign trade and business management. 

Longan Nantong has professional teams, including intellectual property, international business, incorporation, construction, real estate, etc. Four lawyers are exceptionally good at foreign legal issues in respect to foreign language, foreign trade, foreign business, customs, commodity inspection. Among them, our Registration Director has gained the status of both Chinese licensed lawyer and New York licensed lawyer. One lawyer has gained the English Interpretation Certificate. Two lawyers understand foreign languages for more than two countries. Two lawyers have gained the Certificate of Customs Specialist issued by the General Administration of Customs. One lawyer has gained the Inspection Certificate issued by the State Commodity Inspection Bureau. Six lawyers specialize in intellectual property, such as trademark & patent agency and technical brokering. Three lawyers have specialization in construction, including the National First Grade Construction Qualification, Senior Construction Legal Consultant, and architectural degrees. Six lawyers specialize in incorporation legal issues; they have Corporate Counsel Qualifications, Securities Qualification and CPA.

Longan Nantong assists the Government in setting up and operating a Foreign-related Legal Service Center in Nantong, Nantong Foreign Conflicts and Disputes Mediation Center.

Longan Nantong is the only law firm among the expert cooperative departments/enterprises in the China (Nantong) Intellectual Property Advocacy Center.

Longan Nantong is the standing executive director of the Nantong Trademark Association.

Longan Nantong is the Co-organizer in respect to the Criminal Legal Aid Station in the Chongchuan District of Nantong.

Longan Nantong has a long-term cooperation with a local broadcasting station and TV station and has gained a good social reputation.

The chairman of Longan Nantong leads our professional team to act as the local government’s legal counsel.

Longan Nantong has its own party branch, and there are 7 party members.

Longan Nantong had been commended by superiors many times, and many members had been commended by the party, government, and lawyer association. In 2012, Longan Nantong was recommended as the Commended Law Firm by the Justice Department of Jiangsu Province.

Longan Nantong has professional team, professional spirit, professional quality, and integrity services.



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