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Longan Lawyer Hongwei Jia Attended“Forum on Strengthening Legal Service Cooperation Among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao”

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The forum themed “Promoting Construction of One Belt & One Road and Free Trade Zone, Strengthening Legal Service Cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao” was co-held by the Guangdong Lawyers Association, the Hong Kong Bar Association, the Law Society of Hong Kong, and the Macao Bar Association in the Guangzhou Dong Fang Hotel from September 26-27, 2016.
Hundreds of people attended the forum, including representatives from the Guangdong Province Justice Department, SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission), all the administrative committees of the free trade zone, the arbitration committee of South China economic and trade, and key enterprises in Guangdong province. Lawyers, notaries and arbitral professionals from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao also attended.
Mr. Jia delivered a keynote speech on the “chairman summit” attended by chairmen of bar associations of the three areas on behalf of the Guangdong Bar Association. His speech illustrated his viewpoint on how to set up the international exchange platform by integrating Guangdong province, Hong Kong, and Macao so as to promote the deep integration of the development for lawyers from the three areas and to aid lawyers in coping with international challenges together and in providing better legal services for the development of the One Belt & One Road and Free Trade Zone. The speech was a hit with the attendees.
Mr. Jia attended this forum as a permanent member of the Guangdong Bar Association and as director of its committee on foreign affairs related to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
The article entitled “Development Opportunities for Guangdong Lawyers in the One Belt & One Road and Free Trade Zone” written by Mr. Jia was awarded first prize at this forum.
During the forum, Hongwei Jia, a lawyer from Longan, Yunzhi Tan, chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association, Yunxi Peng, vice-chairman of the Law Society of Hong Kong, Lixin Shi, secretary-general of the Macao Bar Association, and other attendees discussed cooperation among lawyers from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

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