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Jiali Xu Attended Seminar on Technology Governance and Legal Safeguards for Telecom Fraud

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The seminar on Technology Governance and Legal Safeguard for Telecom Fraud was held in the school of law at People’s University on September 18, 2016. The seminar was co-held by the Chinese Research Society on Laws for Consumer Rights and Interest Protection, E-commerce Law Development Research Base of Beijing University, and Procuratorate Daily. Jiali Xu attended the seminar and delivered a keynote speech entitled “Prevention and Countermeasures for Telecom Fraud” as vice director of the Professional Committee of Information Networks and Technology for the National Bar. The contents are as follows:
1. Mobile Internet is now mainstream in the Internet economy, and telecom fraud has grown with the development of mobile Internet, so it must be prevented from the source.
2. It is difficult to defend against telecom fraud effectively since it relies on advanced technology; however, the laws are backward since it takes time to develop legal regulation.
3. The right to personal information is an important part of Intangible Property, and its boundary and value are continually expanding. Telecom fraud is infringing on this right.
4. Regarding telecom fraud, technical measures are more effective and quicker than legal measures.
5. Criminal suspects are not afraid of being investigated under civil law; thus, criminal investigation needs to be strengthened.
6. There is no effective legal regulation on telecom fraud for public security organizations to put cases on record and handle them, so reform is required.

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