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Securities Finance Law Practice Conference Co-held by Financial Professional Committee of Tianjin Lawyers Association and Securities Finance Professional Committee of Longan Law Firm Held in Tianjin

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The Securities Finance Law Practice Conference was held in Tianjin Golden Ocean Hotel on March 25th. Yufu Yang, Director of the Tianjin Lawyers Association, senior partner Yongqing Huang and associates Dan Wang, Peng Ding and Bingkun Zhang from Beijing Longan Law Firm attended the conference.
The conference was co-held by the financial professional committee of the Tianjin Lawyers Association and the securities finance professional committee of Longan Law Firm, and co-organized by TianJin Wisely Law Firm and Longan’s Tianjin branch. More than 50 securities finance lawyers from Tianjin and Longan conducted in-depth discussions on the development and direction of the legal financial securities industry in the Beijing-Tianjin region in the new economic market and in the age of the Internet.
First, Yufu Yang spoke at the conference, encouraging lawyers in Beijng and Tianjin to hold similar activities in order to strengthen the connection between them and promote mutual development. Then Yang introduced the economic development situation in Tianjin and potential legal opportunities, while expressing hope that the lawyers in the two areas would be able to cooperate in order to meet the expanding legal market needs.
Dan Wang from Beijing Longan introduced the situation of the securities finance business of Longan and their successful management experience. Dianlu Wang from Tianjin elaborated on the current situation of the securities finance market in Tianjin and the situation of related legal business. Both sides conducted in-depth discussions on the business development direction and their management systems.
Then Yi Wei from Grandall Law Firm’s Tianjin branch, Chi Zhang from Beijing Longan Law Firm’s Shenzhen branch, Dongmei Duan from Tianjin Baorong Law Firm, and Dan Wang from Beijing Longan Law Firm delivered their speeches on the following topics: current securities finance practice regarding structural risk prevention in asset securitization, the registration and practices of private equity fund managers, the competitive advantage of the new three board on the capital market, and the equity incentive of the new three board. The attorneys at the conference responded enthusiastically by commenting on the above issues and discussing certain issues in more depth.
At the end of the conference, Yongqing Huang and Peng Ding from Beijing Longan and Zheng Bian from Tianjin made concluding speeches and spoke highly of the seminar. They proposed organizing similar events in other fields to promote cooperation between lawyers in Beijing and Tianjin

Longan’s securities finance business has developed rapidly in recent years, particularly in the area of IPOs, asset restructuring, and the new three board business. As of the end of March 1, 2016, the completed listing number was 54, the stock had been issued 27 times, the major assets had been reorganized 3 times, and there were 10 projects from the New OTC Market that had been in trial. Beijing Longan and lawyers in Tianjin deepened their understanding with each other and reached some agreements during the conference. The conference was greatly significant for lawyers in Beijing and Tianjin as well as nationwide for strengthening exchanges and cooperation regarding securities finance – as well as other industries.

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