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Yongqing Huang Invited to Deliver Seminar on“Theory & Practice for Futures Act” Chinese People's University Law School

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On April 1, 2016, Yongqing Huang, senior partner of Longan Law Firm, was invited by the Chinese People's University law school and delivered a speech on “Theory & Practice for Futures Act”. More than 100 students from the school of law attended the seminar.
Yongqing Huang explained the futures-related theory and summarized the legal system and regulatory framework in the field of futures in a simple way and then deeply analyzed the domestic and international futures practice and illegal operation cases.
After the lecture, Yongqing Huang answered questions from the attendees and discussed the issues extensively with the students.
Huang gave an excellent lecture and received extensive praise from the participating students. His achievements on the theory study and judicial practice in the field of securities and futures had great guiding significance to students’ in-depth research and learning.

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