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Jiali Xu Appointed as Invited Expert of Big Data

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The Opening Ceremony of Steering Committee of Chinese Culture (Radio & Television) Big Data Experts was held at Beijing Marriott Hotel City Wall by Digital Audio & Video Working Committee under the CAVA on July 26th. Jiali Xu was invited and appointed as an Invited Expert.

On behalf of the committee of legal experts, Mr. Xu gave a keynote speech on radio & television, including the following topics:

1. Big data up to now is an Internet concept without an accurate definition, and each industry has its own definition of this term.
2. Many aspects including the creation, application, maintenance, and protection of big data involve legal protection of multiple layers.
3. The Civil Code has established preliminary principles and classifications to protect information data rights, and other laws also involve the stipulations concerned.
4. Big data from the publishing and radio & television industries mostly involves intellectual property protection, especially regarding copyright protection.
5. With regards to legal protection of big data, every country has its own laws and regulations, and whether the big data can be protected depends on whether it has originality or not.
6. Big data is a new intangible asset in the Internet age. As an important resource and right, it deserves strict legal protection.
7. Big data involves many factors such as government, technology, policy, industry, and law, and, therefore, comprehensive treatment is necessary.
8. It is a predictable path to develop Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence. Accordingly, this path can be followed at a legislative and judicial level.

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