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Longan Appointed Perennial Legal Advisor by Judicial Administrative Institute under the Ministry of Justice

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 On September 6th, Longan was appointed to the position of perennial legal advisor by Judicial Administrative Institute under The Ministry of Justice. Mr. Yanhui Sun, director of the Institute, and Mr. Tianbo Zhao, representative of Longan, signed the agreement. Accordingly, Mr. Tianbo Zhao and Mr. Guoping Wu, two Longan partners, shall provide legal consulting to the Institute.

Judicial Administrative Institute, an organization directly under the Ministry of Justice, is a center that trains leading cadres and legal personnel. In addition to the subordinate function of providing education for legal figures in society, the major function of this center is to provide education and training for cadres, senior attorneys, and senior notaries in the judicial and administrative systems, as well as the key business figures at the local level.

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