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Jiali Xu Attended 2017 China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum

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 On September 11, 2017 China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum was held at Beijing Xijiao Hotel by Chinese Publishers Association. Mr. Jiali Xu, as an expert of the Guiding Committee of China Culture Data Industry, was invited to attend the Form. Mr. Xu gave a lecture on one of the sections, which highlighted the following points:
1. With the development of the Internet, digital publishing has grown much faster than legislation has, which indicates that technology has moved forward while laws have lagged behind.
2. The major problem in digital publishing lies in copyright protection, where copyrights have not been well protected and infringements of copyright have spread.
3. Dealing with infringements can begin with legislative, judicial, and executive enforcement. Meanwhile the awareness of copyright protection among copyright owners, operators, and the public can be strengthened.
4. Traditional copyright authorization has gone out of fashion, and, therefore, the copyright authorizations in the age of the Internet, such as self-authorization, proxy-authorization, group authorization, cross-licensing, and implied licensing, should be advocated.
5. However developed digital Internet technologies have become, the bottom line of laws is to protect intellectual property, and this bottom line must be strengthened.

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