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Jiali Xu Gave Lecture at Shenzhen Lawyers Association

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 On January 20th 2018, “Legal Practice Seminar on Information Network of Electronic Data & Network Security” was held in Shenzhen, co-organized by the Information Network and High-tech Legal Professional Committee under Guangdong Province Lawyers Association and the Information Network and E-commerce Legal Professional Committee under Shenzhen Lawyers Association. Mr. Jiali Xu was invited to give a keynote speech on the topic of Legal Discussion on Network and New Technology, including:
1. With the arrival of AI technologies, the fourth industry will emerge, and these legal issues arising from this industry shall be investigated and studied.
2. Laws lag behind technology. When it comes to addressing this problem, the first thing is to enact legislation concerned.
3. Lawyers should be aware of and well-prepared for the situation that some low-end legal services would be replaced by the adoption of AI technologies.
4. We were providing legal services for new technologies, and we could also take advantage of AI technologies in our legal profession. And
5. For lawyers, it would be a new task and challenge to acquire new technologies and skills in such a new era.

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