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Longan Helped Staff Relocation

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On March 12, 2018, Mr. Shibiao Guan headed Longan Shenzhen’s labor law legal team to help with the implementation of staff relocation of the subsidiary company in Shenzhen of AB Corporation, a Japanese-funded company in Hong Kong. The relocation scheme, which was confirmed by the two parties involved, was carried out.

The Shenzhen factory of AB Corporation, one of the processing manufacturers of iPhone parts, took metal fishing and heat-treatment processing of products as its main business. Longan’s legal team in Shenzhen, after three-month preparation including preliminary investigation, announcement, scheme planning, proposal drafting, etc., was fully involved in the legal consultancy and assisted the company in signing compensation agreement.

Generally, companies seeking for liquidation would encounter many problems resulting from large number of employees, varieties in contract fulfilment, and the re-employment of staff. Accordingly, it became significant for companies before the liquidation to review the legitimacy of contracts, formulate productive plans of relocation and take relevant countermeasures against mass incidents. On the other hand, with Longan’s legal assistance, all the 98 employees signed the compensation agreement and as a result this legal team received approval from the client.

Longan’s legal team is experienced in providing services for companies in terms of staff relocation and shall continue to seeking for the professionalism in our work.

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