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Jiali Xu and Cindy Xianzhi Quan Got Re-elected

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On March 24, 2018, the first session of the second general meeting of Beijing Intellectual Property Law Science Organization& the IP Innovation and Protection Summit was held at Gehua New Century Hotel Beijing.

During the meeting, Mr. Chi Xu, president of the organization, made the first council work report and Mr. Jiali Xu, Longan’s founding partner and vice president of the organization, gave the explanation to the Charters of this organization. This meeting also witnessed the election of the president and vice president of the second session, of which Mr. Xu was re-elected as the vice president and Ms. Cindy Xianzhi Quan was re-elected as council member.

Mr. Xu hosted the sub-forum regarding legal regulations on malicious registration of trademarks, and shared his ideas as follows with the audience: 

1. The malicious registration of trademarks misrepresented China’s Trademark Law and changed the legal essence of trademark, which should be regulated seriously at all levels.
2. To address such malicious registration, legislative measures should be carried out against bad faith and immoral operation.
3. Judicial measures should be strengthened to punish such malicious registration, and legal and economic responsibilities should be imposed on the bidders conducting malicious registration.
4. Civil arbitration mechanism could be adopted so that the malicious registration disputes might be resolved in a simplified manner and malicious registration might be cracked down. And
5. It was significant to cultivate righteous legal conducts regarding trademarks, in the hope that such abnormal actions adopting trademarks as an investment could be prevented.


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