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Jiali Xu Met American Ambassador to China

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 On April 4, 2018, Mr. Jiali Xu held a meeting with Mr. Adam Olszowka, and Mr. Edward Lee, the Representative and Expert of U.S. Embassy Economic Office. Mr. Xu and the visitors carried out in-depthexchanges of ideas on the Sino-US trade and related IP matters in China. Mr. Xu’s ideas were as follows:
1. The differences on IP matters between China and US were bound up with their histories and traditions respectively. The current IP protection in China suited the development of China.
2. It was always destructive for both parties if the U.S. took unilateral trade protection measures against China, and therefore, U.S. should resolve the multi-lateral and bilateral disputes under the WTO frame work.
3. Socialist market economy was a free economy where Chinese government would strictly abide by laws and regulations and therefore would not coerce the foreign-funded enterprises to transfer the IPRs by some specific administrative measures.
4. It was in line with the scientific laws and the international rules on IP protection that China established the system incorporating patents and trademarks.
5. China’s current copyright laws were faced with problems such as the varieties and changes of contents, categories and forms of works, which happened as the Internet developed. Due to the increase in the adjacent rights among works, legislation met challenges.
6. It challenged China’s copyright protection most when it came to China’s cultural and creative industries.
7. Despite the patent numbers, China still needed to improve the quality of its patents. China’s hi-tech innovation could be evaluated more subjectively if the developed and under-developed areas were considered, and if the status of the primary, second and tertiary industries was combined.
8. It remined to be discussed whether data rights fell into the protection of intellectual property, but data rights must be the rights with values and therefore China’s laws could be applied to get such rights protected.
9. The live broadcasting and rebroadcasting of sports events, as a creation, should be included in the protection of copyright.

Such reception was conducted in an atmosphere of harmony. In the end, the U.S. officials invited Mr. Xu to attend the Intellectual Property Exhibition which would be held in Tsinghua University on April 26, 2018.


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