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Cindy Xianzhi Quan Was Invited to Lecture in “the Belt and Road” Seminar

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 On May 25, Cindy Xianzhi Quan, the senior partner of Beijing Longan Law Firm, was invited to attend “the Belt and Road” International Science and Technology Policy and Promotion Seminar. During the seminar, she gave a lecture on the theme of “International Technology and Patent Transfer” to the participants of “2018 International Science and Technology Policy and Popularization Workshop”, who were 20 representatives in sci-tech departments, universities, and technology parks of Russia, Japan, South Africa, Mexico, Malaysia, Hungary, and Thailand.

Ms. Quan explained the theme from five aspects including the statistics of technology transfer in China, legal provisions related to technology (patent) transfer, special provisions related to the transfer of foreign-related technology(patent), transfer process of foreign-related technology(patent) and risk prevention and control. Combined with practical cases, she gave specific suggestions in terms of the problems that need to pay attention to in international technology and patent transfer. Ms. Quan communicated with the participants, and answered all questions raised by them in details at the end of the lecture. The participants expressed their appreciation to abundant content and kind lecturer.
The seminar, hosted by Beijing Center for Development and Exchange of S&T and supported by China Research Institute for Science Popularization, aimed to further deepen technological, scientific and cultural cooperation among “the Belt and Road” countries. As was introduced, the seminar mainly focused on international scientific and technological cooperation, science popularization communication, and the construction of Beijing Science and Technology Innovation Center. Meanwhile, it also introduced China’s policies on international scientific and technological cooperation and relevant experience, strove to build a platform for sharing the experience of scientific and technological innovation management as well as scientific popularization by virtue of carrying out a series of policy seminars, case analysis, visit to symposiums and seminars in ways that enhance the scientific and technological cooperation between China and “the Belt and Road” countries and push forward the construction of science and technology innovation center with global influence in Beijing.


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