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Longan Shenyang Is Serving the Grassroots Level

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In May, Shenyang Justice Bureau, together with Shenyang Lawyers Association, issued the implementation plan of “One Legal Counsel for One Community (Village)” based on the practical situation of Shenyang, so as to carry out the notice of “Work Program of one legal counsel for one community issued by Liaoning Provincial Department of Justice and Liaoning Bar Association”, build public legal service system in rural and urban areas as well as provide a legal guarantee of the overall revitalization of the old industrial bases in Shenyang.
On May 29, Sui Hui, senior partner of Longan Shenyang attended to the “One Legal Counsel for One Community (Village)” working conference held by the Justice Bureau of Faku County, Shenyang. The meeting discussed the details of communities (villages) to be serviced and meanwhile signed the triple agreement.
On June 1, Longan Shenyang, coordinating with the judicial administration department to promote public legal service, sent an invitation to all the staff. As over 60 lawyers were interested in the “One Legal Counsel for One Community (Village)” activity, senior partners finally sent 34 lawyers, of which includes 16 senior partners and 18 first-class partners to attend this activity. On June 7, 34 lawyers from Longan Shenyang went to the 8 streets and 80 communities (countries) under the town in Faku County. Every lawyer came to the appointed service community (country). They talked with the communities (villages) leaders and residents in detail so as to know the specific legal service demands of the community management organization and residents. All involved lawyers are fully prepared to provide legal opinions for community management organization, provide residents with legal consultation and legal aid, get involved in the settlement of disputes and contradictions as well as held legal publicity activities regularly.

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