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Xu Jiali Visited Longan Kunming and Held Talks with Lawyers

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On July 8, 2018, Xu Jiali, deputy director of the Chinese Football Association’s disciplinary committee, took the summing-up meeting of committee as an opportunity to visit Longan Kunming branch. The symposium was presided over by Director Lin Lei in the bright, spacious new office of Longan Kunming and Mr. Xu expressed his opinions as follows:
1. New characteristics of attorneys in Internet era
Human beings stride into the information network times after stepping across the agrarian and industrial age. The long agrarian age has taught human how to keep alive. In the industrial era, it took human being 200 years to realize modernization; while now in the Internet rea, the technology that human mastered has exceeded the sum of the technology accumulated in the past eras with merely several decades’ development. Technology development featured by its fast speed, so human is required to master the technology more rapidly. As a lawyer, you are required to improve your learning ability in order to catch up with the rapid development of the Internet era. The Internet era means that any experience or successful pattern is temporary and anyone who is a fast learner can create a certain kind of experience or pattern. Learning ability, especially the learning speed, is an important and even the only key to success.
2. Issues related with how to achieve the transition from jack of all trades to professional attorney
Any professional attorney starts from a jack of all trades; especially for young lawyers, they have no chance to be an attorney who experts in one field. In fact, there is no need for a lawyer to start his business as a professional lawyer do at the beginning. To be a jack of all trades or a professional attorney is not clearly-cut, in other words, profession would not exist without jack of all trades and being a jack of all trades is the foundation of being a professional attorney. A lawyer can have opportunity to do business that a professional lawyer can do after doing business as a jack of all trades for a certain time. As for how and what profession one should choose, it depends on one’s experience, background, interest, etc. There is no universal standard.
3. Issues related with law firm transition
How to achieve the scaling, branding, professionalization and internationalization of law firm is a question that should be considered. As for the four goals, internationalization is the most difficult, as one prerequisite is the demand for attorneys who can speak a foreign language fluently, and the other is those attorneys are required to accept the standard legal training in European or American law schools, acquire qualifying law degree and at the same time, have ever worked in foreign law firms or international organizations after graduation. The above-mentioned prerequisites are necessary for a law firm to achieve internationalization, in other words, internationalization rings hollow without such prerequisites. Now, many law firms have achieved the other three goals; however, the internationalization is to be realized.
If the four goals are achieved, another two goals should be empathized, including knowledge management and Internet application. The so-called knowledge management refers to manage the professional knowledge owned by all attorneys in the law firm in an effective way and then provide the professional knowledge to the clients. Once the clients are attracted, they may contact with you. Internet application means to collect and transmit the professional knowledge to your clients by virtue of the Internet.
4. Issues related to management mode of law firm
Compared with the developed countries in the western world, China’s law firms now are still in its infancy, which is mainly determined by the social status and income of Chinese attorneys. So, it is impossible or necessary for China’s law firms to achieve their management mode beyond the status quo of the law industry. The best management mode is the one which fits every attorney and every law firm. In other words, management mode varies from one law firm to another, from place to place and from person to person. There exists no fixed management mode. As for how to choose a suitable management mode, it can be acquired by exploration, practice and even failure. The so-called advanced management mode does not exist.
5. Law industry are confronted with challenges from new technology
People falls into three categories in the Internet era. The first category is Internet aborigines who were born after the advent of the era. The second category is Internet immigrants who were born before the Internet and learned how to use the Internet under the pressure of survival and the third category is Internet refugees who were born before the advent of Internet era yet refuse to learn and use the Internet. We attorneys mainly consist of Internet aborigines and immigrants, which requires us to pay close attention to the development of Internet technology and its impact on law business.
The challenges brought by the new technology in the Internet era mainly comes from two aspects: blockchain and artificial intelligence. Blockchain empathizes concept only and should integrate with the specific situation. The combination between blockchain and the management of law firm shall generate de-kernelization, ledgering and interaction and other advanced management modes and methods, which means blockchain technology can take place the existing law firm management system. The challenges of law services brought by artificial intelligence mainly indicate that the low-end law services of attorneys can be replaced by the AI. Some consultative law service may be replaced by the AI on the support of big data.


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