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Xu Jiali Attended the 2018 China Cyber and Information Law Society Annual Meeting

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From August 16¬th to August 18th, Hangzhou held the 2018 China Cyber and Information Law Society Annual Meeting on the theme of “Development of Legalizing Network Information Since Reform and Opening-up”.
Xu Jiali, vice president of China Cyber and Information Law Society and the founder of Beijing Longan Law Firm, delivered his speech based on the theme of “Blockchain and Intellectual Property Protection”.
The speech mainly covers three points:
1. The concept of Blockchain
When credit was built by the third party (mainly based on state machinery and traditional bank), it shall be used at the expense of high costs. Blockchain, in fact, is a decentralized database or an underlying technology of Bitcoin (digital currency), aiming at building a P2P credit system without the support of the third party. Simply speaking, blockchain, targeting for Bitcoin, is a shared accounting system with distribution features, in which every bitcoin transaction can be recorded as data block by virtue of ciphering computation. Such kind of distributed ledger cannot be tampered and forged under the protection of cryptography. Each deal in blockchain shall be effectively recorded by calculation participants and sealed with timestamp. As transaction records grow, new data blocks are being built behind. The integration of data blocks eventually forms the blockchain.
2. Blockchain is conducive to confirm the intellectual property
Simply speaking, intellectual property confirmation is to determinate the ownership and the right to use of the intellectual property right. Yet, how it appears? It is simply because the intellectual property shall be deprived the right of self-management once it is duplicated. For example, it is commonly known that your friend is granted the right to use as well as the ownership of the document after you send the duplicate to him. However, if your friend shares the duplicate with others, it is hard to define who has the ownership of the document.
So it is with cloud computing featured by data sharing and accessing openly. If a company operates the secret data on cloud computing, how could you guarantee the administrator of the cloud computing not sell the data to others? Or how could you confirm that the administrator does not make a duplicate? In fact, intellectual property confirmation aims at resolving the ownership of the intellectual property.
3. Blockchain can safeguard the intellectual property
Blockchain provides technical support for intellectual property protection, which is mainly reflected in following ways. Firstly, the irreversibility of blockchain can help to confirm the prior right of the intellectual property. Secondly, once IP infringement happens, what are recorded in blockchain can be the evidence of IP infringement case to prove how the IPR holder’s interests are infringed. The timestamp in blockchain can clearly uncover the infringement, too. Thirdly, blockchain is featured by decentralization and dependability which can greatly reduce the infringements. Blockchain can use the technology to solve the problems that mankind and system cannot deal with, achieving the purpose to safeguard rights of IP holders.


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