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Longan Public Service: Cindy Xianzhi Quan Held a “Public Forum on Daily Anti-Fraud Guideline” for Elderly People in Communities

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 Cindy Xianzhi Quan, senior partner of Longan Law Firm, at the invitation of Zhiqiang North Park Pension Service Station, held the “Public Forum on Daily Anti-Fraud Guideline” for elderly people in communities in order to help them recognize the fraud tricks and safeguard their own interests.
Ms. Quan listed several common fraud tricks to help the aged from being cheated.

Trick 1: Promotion of health products
Nowadays, health industries that target for elderly people are emerging in third and forth tier cities. Most of them sell health products to elderly people by product packaging. They usually hold off-line activities, gathering a group of elderly people to attend lectures, watch videos or experience the medical machinery free of charge. The aged in the lack of care and company shall develop a habit after constantly joining in such activities for one or several months. Once they relax their vigilance, they shall be in the trap, buying a lot of useless health products in the end.

Trick 2: Telecom fraud
Telecom fraud is known as a trick related with technology. To deal with such tricks the following measures are required to take:
1. The aged should pay more attention to information confidentiality.
2. One can buy a non-smart phone for elderly people.
3. If the aged want to use the smart phone, he should choose the phone with excellent chip that can intercept bad calls and messages.
4. Elderly people’s children should communicate with them frequently and tell them the common tricks.

As the lecture came to an end, Ms. Quan helped an auntie to solve her problems. All the elderly people expressed their appreciation to the pension service station for having chance to learn precious anti-fraud knowledge and know how to protect themselves from being cheated.







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