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Director Xu Jiali Trained lawyers from Hunan Province on the Blockchain and Intellectual Property Law Practices

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On the morning of November 10, 2018, at the invitation of Mr. Huang Liang, Director of Information Network and E-Commerce Committee of Hunan Lawyers Association, Xu Jiali, Vice President of Network and Information Law Research Association of China Law Society, Deputy Director of Information Network and High-tech Committee of All China Lawyers Association, Professor and the doctoral tutor of School of Law of University of Science and Technology Beijing, and the founding partner of Beijing Long An Law Firm, conducted a special training and exchanged ideas with lawyers from Hunan province on the topic of “Blockchain and Intellectual Property Rights”. 

Professor Xu Jiali, explained briefly the concept of the blockchain and the confirmation of the intellectual property rights, further introduced the related legal issues by citing the latest practical cases on the combination of blockchain and intellectual property rights, the protection of intellectual property rights,the blockchain and the electronic deposit certificate,the limitation of the blockchain to the intellectual property rights and so on, and also, told the lawyers at present that the blockchain is very important and the application scenarios of intellectual property are extensive, and the application of the blockchain in the field of the confirmation and the confirmation and protection of intellectual property rights is highly expected. After three hours’ continuous lecture, Professor Xu also conducted an on-site communication with lawyers who participated in this training, and answered several questions about the blockchain and intellectual property rights.

The training was chaired by the Hunan Lawyers Association, organized by the Information Committee of the Hunan Lawyers Association, and co-organized by the Information Committee of the Changsha Lawyers Association.

Li Hanying, vice president of Hunan Lawyers Association, Liu Dewen, vice president of Changsha Lawyers Association, and Xiang Liangjun, General secretary of Changsha Lawyers Association, attended this lecture. The venue was filled with more than 400 seats. This training has been highly appraised by the participating lawyers and they said that it was full of knowledge and was strongly practical.


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