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Longan Law Firm was founded in 1992 in Beijing, making it the earliest partnership law firm in China.

In 1997, Longan (Shanghai) Law Firm was founded.  Lawyers in Longan Shanghai actively participate in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region's rapid economic development eventually obtaining capacities for providing comprehensive legal services to many kinds of legal entities, such as medium-sized, state-owned enterprises, foreign multinationals, Chinese growth companies and government agencies.

Lawyers in Longan Shanghai always stand on the forefront of legal services, and they have become industry leaders due to the varied legal experience they offer such as large-scale infrastructure construction, high-end litigation, taxation, intellectual property, international investment and financing (including private and listed) companies and executives, criminal liability, labor law, emissions trading, etc.

Longan Shanghai has a well-trained, professional, diligent and responsible team of lawyers. All the lawyers here have obtained a bachelor’s degree in law either in a national or a foreign law school that it well-known, and many of them have also obtained their lawyer’s license in the USA or Europe or Japan, and they can work in the United States or Europe or are admitted to practice in Japan and can communicate in English, Japanese or German.

The philosophy of Longan Shanghai is to provide high quality legal services, to keep professional ethics, to perform social responsibility, to create value for their clients, and to reinforce societal harmony.


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