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Longan Shenyang was founded through authorization by the Justice Department in Liaoning Province in June 1999. There are around 40 people total at Longan Shenyang including licensed lawyers and trainees. Some have received bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in law, while some have degrees in other majors.  Some have other professional qualification degrees, such as economics or translation.  Some have experience working or studying abroad, with an average age of 32 years.  The lawyers are able to skillfully operate a variety of legal issues, and they are a group of young lawyers who are professional and share a cooperative spirit. They are all highly educated and are high-quality and outstanding lawyers.

Through the convenience of lawyer restricting, Longan Shenyang has allied with the original state-run law firms and senior lawyers, and via a firm merger and reorganization have expanded the scale of the firm so that we can meet the objective requirements and optimal allocation of resources demanded by the market economy.  This has strengthened Longan Shenyang’s popularity, while increasing our strength. And not only is the size of the firm expanding, but so is the level of our technology. In respect to recruitment, we insist on focusing on high standards for knowledge structure, overall quality, professional knowledge, special labor division, etc.  Considering the age structure and the personal training, we try to avoid the “all type lawyer” and the inferior stability caused of lack of dependence and comprehensive strength. Instead, our lawyers have formed relationships with complementary advantages and mutual inter dependence. And we have improved the firm’s overall management through exchanging visits, constantly communicating, introducing advanced management modes from both domestic and international firms that are well-known. We always promote teamwork and pay great attention to the establishment of our firm culture. Longan Shenyang has a great environment in respect to location, dimensions, decoration, and modernized work. The location has been moved to the 16th Floor of the Shenyang Kempinski Hotel from the 17th floor, Building 1, Holiday Inn, City Plaza in Shenyang. This branch has first-class office facilities in this half cut open office environment, including: advanced office furniture, desktop computers, many laptop computers, dedicated Internet, registered international and domestic domain names, and Longan Shenyang’s homepage connected to the headquarters’ webpage. Both our office and our lawyers have their own e-mail addresses, and the branch also has a LAN site, more than 8 outside relay telephone switching systems, fax machines, photocopiers and many vehicles. The working conditions are some of the best in the legal profession in Shenyang. We positively cover the lawyer professional liability insurance, for the public, so that we can improve the public trust in Longan Shenyang; for our personnel, we have established fault liability mechanisms. To meet the challenges of the WTO and to avoid reasonable practice risk, Longan Shenyang has paid RMB 10 million (around USD 1,607,717) for lawyer professional liability insurance, which is the first example of this kind of insurance in Liaoning and Shenyang. The clients, who cooperate with Longan Shenyang, can enjoy high-quality legal service securely with insurance included.

Above all, Longan Shenyang indeed creates a high level of legal services, drives the development of the legal service market in Shenyang, and meets the requirements raised by domestic and overseas development of the enterprises, which are achieved by the great brand effect of Longan both at home and abroad, by our advanced business philosophy, business model, comprehensive service skills, information, customer base, and by our modern office equipment. What’s more, the demand for high quality legal services from the domestic enterprises, foreign-owned enterprises, government offices and public institutions in Shenyang further promote the overall level of legal services by our lawyers in Shenyang so that we can actively embrace the opportunities and challenges after China's accession to the WTO.

After 6 years of development and expansion, Longan Shenyang has been among the ranks of the leading law firms in the Liaoshen area. There is a Securities Department, Department of Real Estate, Foreign Legal Affairs Department, Litigation Department, Department of Customer Service, Information Department among other professional departments. We can provide legal services in English and Korean.  Lawyers in Longan Shenyang not only focus on unity and cooperation, but also several specialization. We can provide our clients comprehensive, high quality and efficient legal services with our superb skills. We are also the perennial legal adviser for foreign-funded enterprises, joint-stock companies, public institutions and 50 other enterprises. Longan Shenyang has made a great deal of effort to improve the legal services market and legal environment. Longan Shenyang was named “municipal civilization” by the Shenyang Judicial Bureau in 2001 and was also named“AAA” law firm in 2004.


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