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Longan Shenzhen was founded in January 2005. The existing founding partners all graduated from the Law School of Peking University, and they all have studied in the well-known law schools in the United States, all gaining foreign master’s degrees in law. When they lived in the United States, they worked as interns in or visited some first-class law firms, and they have established good cooperative relations with the firms in international trade, international finance and international intellectual property. When they lived in the United States, they also established good relationships with their school mates who are now the lawyers from all continents around the world. Such extensive overseas business networking and their accomplished English skills affirm their developing strategy that is oriented toward foreign business, takes the professionalism way, and operates by the teamwork mode. The other core lawyers all graduated from national, well-known law schools, and some of them served as legal counsel for well-known national entities; some have overseas work experience for many years, providing solid foundation for the foreign services and professional services.

Longan Shenzhen has kept a good relationship with the government agencies at all levels in order to maintain good communication. Longan Shenzhen is now a permanent member of Shenzhen WTO Institute and also one of the permanent work stations granted by the WTO Affairs Center of Shenzhen Government. The founding partner Hongwei Jia and Xiangdong Lai serve the Shenzhen WTO Affair Center as legal advisors of International Trade for the Shenzhen Government. Lawyer Hongwei Jia is also a member of China Zhi Gong Party and serves as deputy director of the WTO special committee of Shenzhen Bar Association. Through good communication with the local government, we not only can gain important information, but also can address the specific needs of customers and grasp the forefront of policy trends so that we can help our clients maximize their benefits.

Longan Shenzhen’s office is located on the eighth floor of the Shenzhen New World Center. The building is located in the Central Business District of Shenzhen City. The business district has gathered a large number of foreign financial institutions, multinational companies, listed companies, security and futures institutions; the regional headquarters of many fortune 500 companies are located here, too, and many of them have become Longan’s clients.


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