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Longan Taiyuan was founded in October of 2014 and is located in the Jinlian International Center, No. 50 in the Changfeng Street in Taiyuan city. The Changfeng business center here is very busy, and the location and transportation here are very convenient.

There are almost 20 trainee solicitors, more than half of which have their master’s degrees, and some have their doctorates. Additionally, there are many composite-type lawyers who have gained the certificate of economist, cost engineer, auditor and other qualification. Longan Taiyuan lawyers handle cases involving a wide range of business issues. Their experiences are very rich, and many of them are proficient in the areas of criminal defense, civil laws, commercial litigation, construction projects, corporate bankruptcy reorganization, corporate bonds, information networks, e-commerce and other non-litigation legal affairs.  Longan Taiyuan has been working as legal counsel for many large enterprises and provides special legal services for the "new three board" also.

Longan Taiyuan has set up a senior professional team on the basis of the well-known Longan brand, by actively participating in the global strategy planned by Longan. We always try our best to provide our clients high-quality and highly efficient legal services.

"Thriving together, safeness together" is the greatest aspiration of all members of Longan Taiyuan.

LongAn (Taiyuan)

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